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The Charm of French Tattoo Ideas

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French Tattoo Ideas 3 The Charm of French Tattoo Ideas

“Love Conquers All” – French love this tattoo!

French tattoos are mostly quotes from renowned people written in French language. Even though word tattoo pieces are quite common, few can actually create as much romance as French tattoos. These tattoos are most often used to express feelings of joy and love, to recite text, or even show pride in heritage. Those who get these tattoos normally have French heritage or simply enjoy the visually attractive design of the French words.

Most of these tattoos are done in a swirling, loose design and comprise of common sayings like, “la vie est belle” and “c’est la vie,” meaning, “life is beautiful” and “this is life”, respectively. Nevertheless, it’s not rare to see them in different fonts, mingled with other languages or even mingled with images. People who want to show respect to their French culture also get the France tattoo symbol, the Fleur De Lis.

Although French tattoo pieces have become quite common, it isn’t hard to make them completely unique and original. Whether you choose to use a different font type, an uncommon phrase or quote, or simply decide to create a brand new design to boarder your lettering, you can be rest assured that you’ll come up with French tattoo ideas that is completely your own.


French Tattoo Ideas Pictures


French Tattoo Ideas 6 The Charm of French Tattoo Ideas

“Your bones aren’t made of glass” in French


French Tattoo Ideas 5 The Charm of French Tattoo Ideas

Moon Tattoo – La Lune (“The Moon”)


French Tattoo Ideas 4 The Charm of French Tattoo Ideas

French Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Art


French Tattoo Ideas 2 The Charm of French Tattoo Ideas

Once Upon A Time in French – French Tattoo Idea


French Tattoo Ideas 1 576x1024 The Charm of French Tattoo Ideas

suivez votre coeur – French for “Follow Your Heart” Tattoo Idea


French Tattoo Ideas 7 The Charm of French Tattoo Ideas

A Perfect and Cute French Tattoo!

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