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Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

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back shoulder tattoo women Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

A Cursive Font Back and Shoulder Tattoo for Women


Shoulder Tattoos for Girls are available in many different designs, shapes, and styles. Depending on one’s personal preferences and tastes, you can choose to have the tattoos inked on both shoulders or just a single stylish unique design on one shoulder. The designs range from being a simple cursive font to more elaborate and sophisticated ink print designs.

Although tattoos can be located in various body spots such as neck, lower back, above the ankle on the upper arm, many girls find shoulder tattoos to be very sexy and extremely attractive. Some sexy tattoo designs on your shoulder could be cute animals like cats, dogs and other furry house pets. Many girls opt for the cute and fun tattoo on their body as it is an incredibly nice body art attachment in drawing people’s attention to your shoulder. The list of designs can continue to span from inking butterflies, stars, heart symbols, flowers, dragon flies, zodiac signs, or even text tattoos with popular quotes or verses from the bible.

Some tattoos have meanings while others are purely for aesthetic purposes. You may want to tryout a temporarily shoulder tattoo for a few weeks, and get some feedback from your friends before inking a permanent tattoo on your shoulders.


Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

best shoulder tattoos for girls Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

Some Pigeon Shoulder Tattoos for Girls


girls shoulder tattoos birds Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

A more abstract Birds Shoulder Tattoo for Girls


rihanna shoulder tattoo Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

Rihanna’s Shoulder Tattoo


shoulder tattoos for girls Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

A meaningful quote Shoulder Tattoo for Girls


shoulder tattoos spider Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

A Spider inked on the Shoulders


small flower shoulder tattoos Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

A Small Flower Shoulder Tattoo Design


tribal shoulder tattoo designs Shoulder Tattoos for Girls

A Tribal Art Shoulder Tattoo Design

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