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The Meaning of Skull Sleeve Tattoos

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cool skull sleeve tattoos The Meaning of Skull Sleeve Tattoos

Some Cool Skull Sleeve Tattoos Ideas


One of the most interesting and common tattoo ideas are Skull Sleeve Tattoos in which various skull designs are inked onto one’s arm sleeves. Although at first glance a skull may inflict emotions and representations of fear, death, and decay — but reality is that a skull tattoo can have many different meanings other than that. Some less obvious meanings may include protection from the deceased, power and strength to overcome obstacles, a reminder to live one’s life to its fullest, or perhaps to signify a major turnaround of one’s life.

Another great common skull tattoo design used is the Sugar Skull Tattoo — which usually comes in bright and exciting colors such as the hues of pink, red, light green, etc. Sugar Skulls are often used as decorations for the Mexican Day of the Dead festivities, celebrated on every Nov 1 and 2, and hence people who ink them nowadays would most likely be conveying meanings of tributes to their lost loved ones or honoring the respect to the dead.

Skull Sleeve Tattoos Designs can differ greatly among one’s choice but usually it is the skull picture that plays the dominant part. While most men would prefer the cooler and spookier skull symbol ideas, women prefer a smaller or colorful skull design. It has gained a lot of popularity nowadays as superstar celebrities such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus also have some sort of skull tattoo inked onto them. We do however suggest you to think deeply first before taking on a skull sleeve tattoo as a full sleeve tattoo may not be undone easily afterwards.


Skull Sleeve Tattoos Designs


skull tattoo sleeves2 The Meaning of Skull Sleeve Tattoos

An Awesome Black-Inked Skull Sleeve Tattoo Design


rose flower skull tattoo The Meaning of Skull Sleeve Tattoos

Some Skull Tattoo Ideas with Roses


skull half sleeve tattoos gothic The Meaning of Skull Sleeve Tattoos

A Gothic-Looking Skull Half Sleeve Tattoo Design


skull tattoo sleeves1 The Meaning of Skull Sleeve Tattoos

A Beautiful and Sexy Sugar Skull Tattoo Design on her Arm Sleeves


skull sleeve tattoo for women The Meaning of Skull Sleeve Tattoos

A more Feminine and Girly Skull Sleeve Tattoo Idea for Women


skull tattoos with color The Meaning of Skull Sleeve Tattoos

A Colorful Sugar Skull Arm Sleeve Tattoo Design

It is Article information and Picture of Scary Skull Sleeve Tattoos

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