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Hand Tattoos for Women

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women hand tattoo1 Hand Tattoos for Women

An Example of a Butterfly Hand Tattoo for Women


Although tattooing has become a popular trend nowadays, inking some parts of your body are still very much frowned upon in modern society. It is not uncommon for many tattoo parlors to not ink tattoos on your foot, hands, or faces as these areas are one of the highest physical exposures of your body and are potentially one of the biggest problems down the road of your life — and if your daily life requires exposure or laboring work of your hands, we suggest you to think twice before tattooing your hands.

Having said that, Hand tattoos are one of the popular tattoo ideas for women, and most women opt for the small to medium sizes designs for religious and self-expressing purposes. Getting inked on your hands are definitely one of the easiest way of expressing your style or statements — and some of the most common designs include stars, floral arts, and hearts. The popular areas to ink would be the area between your thumb and forefinger, or places like your wrist and palm areas. Hand tattoos are also done among married or loving couples, and you might be interested in reading more at one of our posts on Ring Finger Tattoos for Couples. We have compiled below some photos of Hand tattoos for women, we hope they can give you new ideas for your hand tattoo ink designs.


Hand Tattoos for Women

cute hand tattoos for women Hand Tattoos for Women

A Cute and Minimalism Hand Tattoo Design for Women


hand tattoos for women Hand Tattoos for Women

A Unified Theme for both Chest and Hand Tattoos for Women


women hand tattoo3 Hand Tattoos for Women

A Hand Tattoo Design Idea with Scissors Inked on the Palm


women hand tattoo2 Hand Tattoos for Women

A Simple Cross Design for Women Hand Tattoos


popular hand tattoo women Hand Tattoos for Women

A More Bold and Rebellious Hand Tattoo Design for Women


small hand tattoos tumblr Hand Tattoos for Women

A Hand Tattoo Idea with Birds and Meaningful Quotes


 Hand Tattoos for Women

A Simple Women Henna Tattoos Design

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