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Cute Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

February 16, 2013 By: tattooed Category: Arm Tattoos, Back Tattoos, Foot Tattoos, Lower Waist Tattoos

baby feet tattoo designs Cute Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

Baby Feet Tattoo Designs

 An example of a baby feet tattoo design which you may muse on


I recall when a friend has once told me — There is always a story behind each and every tattoo. And ever since I had made my first tattoo, over time I realize that what he said was true. So next time before you make fun of or post any negative comments on someone’s else tattoos or tattoo designs, it’s always best to listen to their side of story and reasoning first. After-all, who wants to go through this painful skin-piercing process without a valid reason behind? Having said that, Baby feet tattoos designs are a perfect tattoo idea for the life of couples who want to express their great joy and deep love towards their newly-born baby.

Nothing’s more sacred and enjoyable than engraving marks of your newly-born baby’s footprints onto your body, which adds up really as you grow old and when you turn your eyes onto your baby feet tattoo, you will instantly remember those memorable moments of joy of witnessing your child’s birth. Not to mention baby feet tattoos look cute and stylish, while also displaying others the bondage between you and your baby. How to get the footprints? Well, the hospitals supply them so kindly ask the doctor or nurses to give you a copy of your baby’s footprints, or hand-prints, and you are ready set to go. The thing to make sure though is to choose the right professional tattoo artist to get it done since it will last forever on your skin. Baby feet tattoos will look like ink blot if it fails though, so keep in mind of that.


Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

baby feet tattoos Cute Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

Baby Feet Tattoos

A simple black-ink baby feet tattoo with your baby’s name marked beneath on your lower hip works fine.

baby footprints back tattoo Cute Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

Baby Footprints Back Tattoo

 Again, you could place the tattoo on different parts of your body and will still look awesome. Additional features that you may consider would be to also place the date of your child’s birth with it.


baby footprints tattoos Cute Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

Baby Footprints Tattoos

 Baby Hand-prints are also a great tattoo idea to consider. And in this case, you can continue adding baby footprint tattoos onto your arms as you and your spouse continue to bring on more family members!

baby footprint tattoo on my leg Cute Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

Comprehensive Baby Feet Tattoos

You can also be more comprehensive information to your tattoo such as your baby’s name, birth date, time and weight.

baby hand and feet tattoos Cute Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

Baby Hand and Feet Tattoos

 You can mix it up if you want, having both footprints and hand-prints tattoos on your biceps. Dates could also be inked in Roman numerical to give it a stronger sense of epic-ness.

baby name tattoos Cute Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

Baby Name Tattoos

 If you like a simple and clean tattoo design, then a simply baby name tattoo would do the trick!

pink baby feet tattoos Cute Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

Pink Baby Feet Tattoos

Spice it up! Add colors to your baby feet tattoos! Colors such as pink and light blue are also popular choices to pick from.

It is Post with Picture of Baby Feet Tattoos Designs

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