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Tattooed Breasts for Girls

March 12, 2013 By: tattooed Category: Breast Tattoos

cute tattooed breast for girls Tattooed Breasts for Girls

A Cute Tattooed Breast for Girls


There is no better way to attract men’s attention than having a tattoo inked on the breasts of a girl. If you are thinking about what tattoo you should put on your lovely breasts then in this post you will be able to get some great ideas to make your breasts look unique, and eye-drooling for those boys out there.


Butterfly Breast Tattoos

The butterfly tattoo is one of my favorite tattoos and my wife has one on her upper chest and it looks awesome — not that i always look there or anything. It is also very popular tattoo idea around the world and I would recommend only getting a single or up to 2 colors for the whole butterfly tat design or otherwise it can look very messy.

Kids Breast Tattoos

If you have kids why don’t you get a tattoo with their names on it — and yes, on your breasts. I really love these tattoos especially when their names are on a scroll across the breast and this is one very popular way of making your kids feel loved.

Roses Breast Tattoos

This type of tattoo is one of my favourites because you can get them in all different colours and they still look great. You can put it in between the breasts and it makes your chest look very colourful which im sure every girl would love.

We have to mention that tattooing your breasts may not be the best tattoo idea for health reasons. We all know that a tattoo process contains some level of risk in which not only is it painful to ink on your breasts, but also the risks of infecting HIV, Hepatitis C, and much more if the tattoo gun and needles are not sterilized properly. Tattooed breasts may also cause problems in affecting your MRI scan for your breasts as the tattoo ink may contain elements of metals that interfere with the magnetic imaging process of the scan. Having said the above, it would be wise to avoid breast tattoos for your own health concerns and choose another part of your body to ink!



Tattooed Breasts for Girls Pictures


japanese tattoos on breast Tattooed Breasts for Girls

A Japanese Floral Breast Tattoo Design


Tattooed Breasts Tattooed Breasts for Girls

A Henna Breast Tattoo with black ink


sexy breast tattoo Tattooed Breasts for Girls

A Sexy Dark Ink Breast Tattoo Design


tattooed breasts Tattooed Breasts for Girls

An Oriental Tattooed Breast Idea


women tattoo breast Tattooed Breasts for Girls

A collection of stars Tattoo on the Breast


women tattooed breasts Tattooed Breasts for Girls

A cute anime girl tattooed on a Woman’s Breasts

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Cancer Survivor Tattoo Meanings

March 03, 2013 By: tattooed Category: Arm Tattoos, Back Tattoos, Breast Tattoos

back cancer tattoos Cancer Survivor Tattoo Meanings

An Example of a Cancer Survivor Tattoo on the Upper Back


Cancer has been a major health issue not only for US, but also in many parts of the world. It is estimated that 1 out of 4 deaths in US are due to cancer. Cancer ribbons are the common symbols for spreading awareness and care for the cancer patients, and there are a lot of people who ink themselves with a cancer ribbon to indicate their tough fighting spirit against it as a cancer survivor, or to serve as a memory of their loved ones who died of cancer.

And this is why Cancer survivor tattoos usually symbolizes a very personal and deep meaning for those who ink them. Most people, who have any relation to cancer, would happen to have this tattoo inked as they signify the certain moments of survival in their lives through marking their skin with this tattoo design. Having cancer is a long struggle for survival, and as they would need a lot of support from their friends and families, it comes to reason that people who have lived though this would usually commemorate those moments by inking the cancer survivor tattoos onto their bodies. We hope through this post more people would be made aware and provide more care to those who have this deadly illness.


Cancer Survivor Tattoos Meaning

breast cancer survivor tattoos Cancer Survivor Tattoo Meanings

A Breast Cancer Survivor Tattoo with the word inked below


Breast Cancer Survivor Tattoos Cancer Survivor Tattoo Meanings

A Breast Cancer Survivor Tattoo with a pair of boxing gloves


Thyroid Cancer Survivor Tattoos Cancer Survivor Tattoo Meanings

A Colorful Thyroid Cancer Survivor Tattoo


Cancer Survivor Tattoos2 Cancer Survivor Tattoo Meanings

A simple Cancer Survivor Tattoo Design inked on the wrist


Cancer Survivor Tattoos Cancer Survivor Tattoo Meanings

A Cancer Survivor Tattoo Sleeve Design


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