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Getting Cloud Tattoo Designs

February 07, 2014 By: tattooed Category: Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Cloud Tattoo Designs 3 Getting Cloud Tattoo Designs

Swings and Cloud Tattoo Design Idea – how fun!

For a very long time, clouds have been featured in different tattoo pieces in a number of ways. For instance, clouds have been used to design stand alone cloud tattoos, large sleeve tattoos or featured as part of other large tattoos. Some people, on the other hand, have also used clouds to design religious tattoos; such as, a cloudy cross or the image of Christ ascending heaven while being surrounded by a thick cloud. But before you decide to go and get a cloud tattoo, just know that it’s advisable to get the tattoo done from a tattoo parlor–if you don’t want to risk getting a possible infection. We can now take a deeper look in the rabbit hole by looking at some of these cloud tattoo designs:

Animal and clouds tattoos

You can combine clouds with an animal for a fresh tattoo design. A good way to design this is to look at your preferred kind of animal–like an elephant or a ram–and, then, have your tattoo artist design the animal with a ball of clouds surrounding it. Actually, any image of a grazing or moving animal can perfectly blend with clouds for an incredible tattoo design. In addition, the image of a dragon, a flying dove or an angel in the sky can also be a perfect idea for a tattoo design, especially for those who are interested in unique designs.

Additional cloud tattoo ideas

There are a number of ways that you can use clouds to come up with a remarkable tattoo design. First, a 2-dimension representation of clouds with rain drops can actually be a perfect tattoo idea. Alternatively, you can also decide to have the clouds with the raindrops pounding on an umbrella. Secondly, clouds can also be used to signify the memories of someone who passed aways. Just get a picture of someone you truly loved and who passed away. Then, use it to design a tattoo by surrounding the image with clouds or placing the clouds in the background and writing some words beneath the image, like ‘RIP so and so……’, or ‘we truly miss you’.


Cloud Tattoo Designs Pictures


Cloud Tattoo Designs 2 Getting Cloud Tattoo Designs

A Black Cloud Tattoo Design for Men


Cloud Tattoo Designs 4 Getting Cloud Tattoo Designs

A Beautiful 3D Cloud Tattoo Design for Women on her back


Cloud Tattoo Designs 5 Getting Cloud Tattoo Designs

A Sun Cloud Tattoo Design Idea for Men on hand


Cloud Tattoo Designs 1 498x1024 Getting Cloud Tattoo Designs

A Beautiful Blue Cloud Tattoo Designs for Men on Calf


Cloud Tattoo Designs 6 621x1024 Getting Cloud Tattoo Designs

A Rainbow Cloud and Fire Water Tattoo Design by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

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