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Lion “King of the Jungle” Tattoo Ideas

January 09, 2014 By: tattooed Category: Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Lion Tattoo Ideas 3 Lion King of the Jungle Tattoo Ideas

A Lion and Lamb Tattoo Upper Sleeve Idea

The lion, or the commonly known “king of the jungle”, can be a great tattoo idea for most people. For centuries, different cultures have been embracing the lion by incorporating its image in different body arts. For instance, in both the European and the African culture, the lion has been symbolically used to represent courage, nobility, peace, strength, pride, protection or justice. In addition to that, the lion symbol is also featured in the 12 western zodiac signs, where it represents Leo. And in most cases, people choose lion tattoos simply because they want to display some of the great powers that are associated with a lion. Here are some of the great lion tattoo ideas for you to read:

Lion design tattoo

For a lion design tattoo, you can simply decide to have the whole image of a male lion with its glorious mane, or the image of a lioness–the great hunter of a pride. Alternatively, you can settle for only the head, or a lion that’s lying on the grass ready to pounce on a prey. Also, a lion that’s just standing while raising his head can also be a perfect idea for a great tattoo design. Or maybe, you can expound on your creativity by observing how a lion sits, stands or moves before deciding on the perfect posture to use for your great tattoo design.

Symbolic lion tattoo

There are various attributes that can be linked with the image of a lion. First, if the date that you were born falls under the Leo sign, then a stylized lion design is the way to go. Secondly, for those that want to symbolize peace, they can simply use a lion that’s patting a lamb for their tattoo design. Lastly, you can also use a lion symbol to bring back the days of chivalry and, at the same time, use them to symbolize your knightly values.

Lion Tattoo Ideas Pictures


Lion Tattoo Ideas 5 Lion King of the Jungle Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Lion Back Tattoo Ideas


Lion Tattoo Ideas 1 Lion King of the Jungle Tattoo Ideas

A classy and realistic-looking Lion Tattoo Idea Sketch


Lion Tattoo Ideas 2 Lion King of the Jungle Tattoo Ideas

Lion Tattoo Sleeve Ideas


Lion Tattoo Ideas 4 Lion King of the Jungle Tattoo Ideas

A Majestic Native-American Warrior Lion Tattoo Design Idea


Lion Tattoo Ideas 6 Lion King of the Jungle Tattoo Ideas

Cara Delevingne’s Lion Finger Tattoo Idea


Lion Tattoo Ideas 7 Lion King of the Jungle Tattoo Ideas

The Lion of Judah Tattoo Idea – representation of fearlessness & strength


Lion Tattoo Ideas 8 Lion King of the Jungle Tattoo Ideas

A Fierce-looking Lion Tattoo Idea

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