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Lips Tattoo Risk

January 25, 2013 By: tattooed Category: Lip Tattoos

3d lips tattoo girls Lips Tattoo Risk

3D Lips Tattoo Girls


Lips tattoo is not cool or fabulous. Most people think that this tattoo will look nice to them though it is not. The tattoo will easily fade away in a year even less than that. There are millions bacteria in your mouth. This tattoo will fade away very easily since the skin inside your mouth is very thin and sensitive. It means having lips tattoo will make you feel more pain than on the other body parts. If you really want to have a tattoo in your lips, you need to find a professional or your tattoo will look like a spilled ink. Lips tattoo is very difficult to make. For more picture you can visit lip tattoo ideas.



Lips Tattoo Risk

inner lips tattoo designs Lips Tattoo Risk

Inner Lips Tattoo Designs


kiss lips tattoos Lips Tattoo Risk

Kiss Lips Tattoos


lips tattoo ideas Lips Tattoo Risk

lips tattoo ideas


lips tattoos with name Lips Tattoo Risk

Lips Tattoos With Name


skull lips tattoo Lips Tattoo Risk

Skull Lips Tattoo

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Shoulder Tattoos for Men

January 24, 2013 By: tattooed Category: Shoulder Tattoos

best shoulder tattoos for men Shoulder Tattoos for Men

An Example of a Shoulder and Chest Inked Theme for Men


Men, especially those who loves sport and has well-built and flex muscles, can certainly add more impact in an amazing way through Shoulder Tattoos. The Shoulders are one of the most attractive body parts of men. These remarkable shoulder tattoos can put you into the latest trendy stylish league. Shoulder Tattoos for Men most of the times ranges from the exotic devilish subjects to the beautiful tribal art designs.

There are numerous shoulder tattoo designs that will give you bold concepts such as the skulls, demons, and the beautiful Polynesian designs. Some of these designs include the Cheetah Print Tattoos, the famous Boondock Saints Tattoos from the movie, Star Tattoos and many more others. The tattoos most of the times tend to determine the personality of their owners.



Shoulder Tattoos for Men Pictures

black tattoos for men shoulder Shoulder Tattoos for Men

A Black-inked Tribal Art Shoulder and Upper Arm Tattoo


devil tattoos for men on shoulder Shoulder Tattoos for Men

The 300′s Shoulder and Chest Tattoo for Men


Koi tattoo shoulder men Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Koi Fish Shoulder Tattoo for Men


roses tattoos for shoulder Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Roses Tattoos on Upper Arm and Shoulders


shoulder scorpion tattoos Shoulder Tattoos for Men

A Shoulder Scorpion Tattoo Design


shoulder tattoos for men Shoulder Tattoos for Men

An Ancient Art Shoulder Tattoo for Men


tattoos for men on shoulder Shoulder Tattoos for Men

A 3D Lizard Tattoo for Men’s Shoulders


traidional shoulder tattoos Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Another Tribal Art Shoulder Tattoo Design for Men

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